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Name of the industrial park: C-Mill
City: Heerlen, Province of Limburg (NL), Netherlands

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Name: De heer Geerd Simonis
Organisation name: C'Magne B.V.
Zip City: 6416SG Heerlen
Tel: 045-5719910
Fax: 045-5740408
Email: g.simonis@cmagne.com
Homepage: www.cmagne.com

information about the plot

Description: 005
Size of plot (m2): 16,094 m²
Availability: immediately available
Utilization: not specified
Ownership: private ownership
Options: no

information about the industrial site

Price Type:
Price(min./max.): €95 - €95
Zone (land use plan): milieucategorie 3
Enterprises and businesses that have a great effect on the environment: spatial separation from residential areas Sub-category 3.1: on the edge of residential areas, though generally separated by a road or greenery; Distance: 50 metres Sub-category 3.2: separated by another, less sensitive function: Distance 100 metres

bedrijventerrein (stedelijk+landelijk)
Modern mixed area or industrial site for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as high-class commercial activities in the fields of light industry, R&D and services.

Gross area: 146,879 ha
Gas connection: yes
Electricity connection: yes

transport connections

Mode of transportNameDistance (km)
motorway A79 4
airport Maastricht-Aken 26
inland port Haven Stein 24
rail terminal CT Stein 24