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Name of the industrial park: Gewerbegebiet Satzvey
City: Mechernich, District of Euskirchen, Region of Aachen, Germany

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contact person

Name: Herr Peter Dierichsweiler
Organisation name: Stadt Mechernich
Zip City: 53894 Mechernich
Tel: +49 (0)2443-494220
Fax: +49 (0)2443-495220
Email: p.dierichsweiler@mechernich.de
Homepage: http://www.mechernich.de

information about the plot

Description: Gewerbegebiet Satzvey (Nr. 011)
Size of plot (m2): 9,280 m²
Availability: not available
Utilization: built-up plot: in use
Options: no
Freely divisible: no

Companies on plot

Company name Nace code Number of employees
DFS-G e.K Retail trade not in stores, stalls or markets 1-9
Daniel Bülow&Alexander Oertel Kfz-Technik Bülow & Oertel GbR Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles 1-9
Werner Schneider DFS Dreh- und Frästechnik Treatment and coating of metals; machining 1-9
Kareitec GmbH Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies 1-9
HOBAL GmbH Non-specialised wholesale trade 1-9

information about the industrial site

Price Type:
Price(min./max.): €20 - €40
Location in urban framework: outskirts
Zone (land use plan): Gewerbegebiet (GE)
Industrial estates (GE) primarily serve to accommodate industrial establishments that are not particularly irritating. The following are allowed in particular: 1. All kinds of industrial establishments, warehouses, storage places and public enterprises, 2. Commercial, office and administrative buildings, 3. Petrol stations, 4. Sports facilities. Facilities such as apartments for the facility manager or supervisory personnel as well as for the proprietor and plant manager, facilities for church, cultural, social and health purposes as well as entertainment facilities may also be allowed in exceptional cases.

Gross area: 12.48 ha
Net area: 9.72 ha
Largest available area: 6,486 m²

transport connections

Mode of transportNameDistance (km)
motorway A1 4.4
inland port Am Godorfer Köln 39.4
inland port Niehl Köln 62.9
railway station Köln-Hbf 49.9
railway station AC-Hbf 84.5

municipality Mechernich

Because of its central position and a favorable traffic connection, Mechernich serves as a node for various industries and service companies. The Eifel region with its beautiful countryside is undoubtedly an area of high recreational value - Mechernich in