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Name of the industrial park: PrimeSite Rhine Region
City: Euskirchen, District of Euskirchen, Region of Aachen, Germany

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Name: Herr Nils Pfretzschner
Organisation name: NRW.Global Business GmbH
Zip City: 40219 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 211/13000-165
Fax: +49
Email: pfretzschner@nrwglobalbusiness.com
Homepage: http://www.nrwglobalbusiness.com

information about the plot

Description: PrimeSite Rhine Region (Nr. 001)
Size of plot (m2): 2,050,000 m²
Availability: not immediately available
Utilization: not built-up plot: not in use
Ownership: public ownership
Options: no
Freely divisible: yes
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information about the industrial site

The well-developed PrimeSite Rhine Region is located in the triangle formed by the cities Cologne, Bonn and Aachen at the center of western Europe's economic core region. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has reserved the area exclusively for large-scale projects requiring more than 50 ha.
Location in urban framework: solitary location
Zone (land use plan): Industriegebiet (GI)
Industrial sites (GI) serve exclusively to accommodate (irritating) industrial establishments, primarily those (production) plants that are not allowed in other building areas. The following are allowed: All kinds of industrial establishments, warehouses, storage places, public enterprises and petrol stations. An industrial site is primarily characterised by a good development for heavy goods vehicles and other infrastructures (e.g. energy, waste disposal) and is sufficiently apart from residential buildings.

Gross area: 205 ha
Net area: 205 ha
Largest available area: 2,050,000 m²
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transport connections

Mode of transportNameDistance (km)
motorway A61 5
motorway A1 8
inland port Köln 50

municipality Euskirchen

The town of Euskirchen is a thriving market town located 15 miles south of Cologne with more than 58,000 inhabitants. The `Old Town` is the main shopping area. It is centred around Market Square which is bordered by traditional buildings, cafés and resta