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Name of the industrial park: Bonner Straße
City: Zülpich, District of Euskirchen, Region of Aachen, Germany

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contact person

Name: Herr Ottmar Voigt
Organisation name: Stadt Zülpich
Department: Fachbereich Finanzen & Wirtschaftsförderung
Tel: +49 (0)2252/52-248
Fax: +49 (0)2252/52-299
Email: ottmar.voigt@stadt-zuelpich.de
Homepage: http://www.zuelpich.de

information about the plot

Description: Bonner Straße (Nr. 001)
Size of plot (m2): 10,699 m²
Availability: not available
Utilization: built-up plot: in use
Options: no
Freely divisible: yes

Companies on plot

Company name Nace code Number of employees
Aldi GmbH & Co. KG Retail sale in non-specialised stores 1-9
Frisör Klier GmbH Other personal service activities
Claus Helfen e. K. Retail sale in non-specialised stores 10-199
TAKKO Holding GmbH Retail sale of other goods in specialised stores 1-9

information about the industrial site

Zone (land use plan): Sondergebiet (SO)
Special areas (SO) are building areas that are earmarked for a specific purpose. These are generally related to uses in the fields of health (e.g. hospitals), tourism (e.g. theme parks), energy generation (e.g. photovoltaic facilities), education (e.g. universities) or commerce (large-scale retail areas).

Gross area: 3.77 ha
Net area: 3.78 ha

municipality Zülpich

20,000 inhabitants live in Zülpich located in the middle of the triangle Cologne-Bonn-Aachen. Advantageous transport infrastructure and a beautiful landscape distinguish Zülpich from other business locations.The history of Zülpich goes back to Latin times