A competitive tax system

The Technology Region Aachen is a financially attractive business location.

Germany offers one of the most competitive taxation systems in the world, making the Technology Region Aachen also a financially more attractive business location, with favorable conditions to support the lucrative development of your business.

  • An average tax burden of less than 30%
  • Taxation consisting of the components of the corporate tax / income tax (depending on the legal form) plus the solidarity surcharge and trade tax
  • Further relevant taxes apply to land ownership and the acquisition of real estate: with the transfer of land ownership is a one-time property purchase tax applicable. 

The majority of the tax rates are set at the federal level. However, the rate of the commercial and property taxes varies depending on the location due to different local municipal rates. The tax burden can be reduced through various tax deduction possibilities. The Federal Ministry of Finance has information about the different types of taxation in Germany.


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