Local taxes

In addition to direct taxes, businesses also have to pay supplementary taxes:

  • municipal tax: you can obtain further information from your local administration
  • provincial tax (you can obtain information on the formalities from: http://www.limburg.be/Limburg/belastingen/Provinciebelastingen-bedrijven.html)
  • environmental levy: the environmental levy is determined on the basis of the principle of 'the polluter pays'. The rates vary depending on the nature of the processing and the nature of the waste material. Generally speaking, the environmental levy is payable in Flanders for landfilling waste, incinerating waste and, since 2003, also for sorting and pre-treating waste. The environmental levy is also payable where Flemish waste is landfilled, incinerated, sorted or pre-treated outside the Flemish Region. You can request further information from the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM).

Further information on all other relevant taxes specifically applicable to your business activities can be obtained from: Agentschap Ondernemen.


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